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Current State, Information complexity.

Different definitions in many documents.

One claim management platform to support data from all reinsurers.

Efficient information management is a key enabler for the digitalization of captives.

Help the entire organization to make smarter business decisions

by providing rapid access, visibility and control over claims information data.



We are working hard to deliver some strong customer cases, but as we are still to deliver our first release we would like to present some scenarios which we are confident will be reality within short – and which we of course aim to provide you with moving forward.

Capin allows Captives CEO and Risk Managers to work smarter by automating claims reporting and manual processes such as data gathering from reinsurers platforms. We help risk mangers to make sense of massive amounts of claims data and to identify where to create value for your business.

Automated claims reporting, dashboards, analysis. Out of the box business intelligence for Risk Managers. All your claims data automatically downloaded and structured, You can build dashboards. No analyst or IT involvement needed. Always be on top of your loss ratio.

The complete picture of your customers claims! All reserves and total claim costs. In one place. All the time.


Capin Solutions AB offer a cloud based service which serves as an integration platform for captive insurance companies. By utilizing the harmonized Capin data model your data flows will be structured in an automated way, providing large scale efficiencies and an opportunity for you as a captive insurance company to be self-sufficient when it comes to regulatory filings. By automating and stream lining data flows you will free up time spent assembling data for more productive analytics activities, enabling proactive risk management.

Our vision is that the Capin Solutions technology platform will be the first-hand choice for captive insurance companies around the world.

Capin Solutions AB was founded in March 2017 by Tobias Stein and Magnus Frumerie. It is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden – one of the fintech capitals of the world, or at least in Europe (given investments anyway).

Currently the Capin team are looking for more team members – if you are an insurance specialist with experience from captive management, or, if you are a kick-ass Azure specialized developer please do not hesitate to share your resume.

The company is an example of a bootstrapped start-up. With small means the first release was delivered. Cloud infrastructure is a fantastic enabler, decreasing barriers for starting businesses delivering cloud based services. Customer success however comes back to be able to provide simple and value add services, which the Capin team strongly believes it does, of course.


Please contact us for more information.

Stockholm, SWE

+46 70 607 40 77 (Magnus)